Mayor Of Flint Takes Fight For Justice For Shrewsbury Pickets To Jack Straw

Terry Renshaw, the Mayor of the North Wales town of Flint, has taken the campaign for justice for the Shrewsbury Pickets, directly to Jack Straw the Justice Secretary.

In 1972, 24 building workers, including Mr Renshaw were charged with conspiracy following that year’s major building strike. The police case against the workers was highly controversial as it was politically motivated. It is believed that the then Conservative Home Secretary Robert Carr, was heavily involved in the decision to prosecute the workers.

Six of the pickets, Des Warren, Ricky Tomlinson, John McKinisie Jones, Arthur Murray, Brian Williams and Mike Pierce were sent to prison.

Since the original trial campaigners have been calling for an inquiry into the circumstances around the case and to formally reveal the collusion between the police, the judiciary and the Conservative Government.

Mr Renshaw, a member of construction union UCATT asked Mr Straw during a question and answer question session during Labour Party conference, why the Labour Government had failed to hold an inquiry into the issue.

Mr Straw then met Mr Renshaw privately to discuss the matter further. Unfortunately Mr Straw did not give a firm commitment to re-open the circumstances into the arrest, trial and conviction of the workers.

Mr Renshaw, said: “I am pleased that Jack Straw was willing to speak to me about the injustices that my comrades and I experienced. I am disappointed that he felt unable to promise an inquiry into the matter. Thirty six after our arrest the Shrewsbury Pickets and their families still deserve justice.”

He added: “An inquiry is needed not just to discover the lengths the British State went to victimise innocent workers. But to ensure that this can never happen again.”

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