UCATT Education and Training

Our aims are:

To create a range of education and training services to benefit individual and potential members.

To market and promote UCATT to companies, members and potential members – to “build the brand”.

To participate in national and regional initiatives and extend UCATT’S range of influence.

To build effective and practical working partnerships with companies, Learning and Skills Councils, CITB, the TUC and government to secure funding and create opportunities for training construction workers.

To use training to develop the full-time staff of UCATT.

UCATT Training

UCATT is committed to the aim of a qualified and registered construction workforce. This means workers being in membership of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, passing a Health and Safety test and being registered, profiled and certificated to NVQ Level II standard. The OSAT (On-Site Assessment Scheme) is the mechanism for skilled/competent but unqualified construction workers to obtain the NVQ.

UCATT is committed to the concept of Lifelong Learning and improving the basic skills and qualification levels of people in the industry.Encouraging culture change of this magnitude depends on overcoming the problems presented

by a highly mobile workforce operating in a sub-contract culture with a workforce that predominantly consists of non-traditional learners with a high level of training need.

The Construction Industry Training Board, the Major Contractors Group, the Confederation of Construction Clients and UCATT are all firmly committed to a registered and qualified workforce. The Union Learning Fund has helped UCATT to promote training and CSCS registration in the industry. UCATT aims to make use of the Union Learning Fund, and other funding opportunities, to drive forward the industry training needs to small and medium sized sub-contractors, who employ the majority of workers in the construction industry.

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