UCATT Structure


Our democratic structure operates from the bottom up, with members belonging to one of our 500 branches throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Each branch elects officers to run the branch and can nominate representatives to the Regional Council and the highest policy making body of the union the National Delegate Conference.

Branches are allocated to a region on a geographical basis; at present there are 9 UCATT regions. Regional Councils meet monthly and deal with all matters affecting the region. The Regional delegation to National Delegate Conference is based on the size of membership in the region. A Regional Secretary runs the business of the Region. To find contact details for your region click here.


UCATT members can elect shop stewards and safety reps to represent them at your workplace, UCATT credentials are issued by the Regional Secretary.


The National Delegate Conference (NDC) is held every two years. The NDC is the policy making body of the union. Each branch can submit up to two motions to the NDC. Motions that a majority of delegates vote to accept become the union’s policy. The delegates to the NDC are drawn from UCATT’s regions based on the membership strength. Branches can nominate members to be delegates to the NDC and elections are held within each region to determine the regional delegation.

There is a meeting of the Rules Revision Committee every six years to consider any amendments to the union’s rules. The Rules Revision Committee is made up of delegates from UCATT’s regions.

UCATT is run by a lay Executive Council (EC), which is elected by the membership in each of the union’s 9 regions. The EC has full power to administer the rules of the union.

The General Council (GC) has an elected member from each region and convenes at least once a year to hear appeals.

The General Secretary is elected by the whole membership in a postal ballot. The General Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the union. The General Secretary attends all EC and GC meetings of the union.


UCATT is affiliated to the Trade Union Congress and the Labour Party. The Executive Council is responsible for submitting resolutions to conferences.

UCATT is affiliated to the Building and Wood Workers International and the European Federation of Building & Woodworkers.

All other affiliations are agreed by the Executive Council.

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