Welcome to UCATT

UCATT is the UK’s only trade union dedicated to construction workers.

Our already substantial membership of more than 120,000 people is now growing steadily.

UCATT and its members are currently facing exciting and challenging times.

Construction bosses continue to try to exploit workers through bogus self-employment and dubious employment agencies.

UCATT fights them every inch of the way to ensure that workers can receive excellent pay and conditions. Direct employment means that workers have basic employment rights such as holidays and sick pay and it will contribute to safer working conditions.

The success in building Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on time and on budget using a directly employed workforce is only one of the arguments that should convince the sceptics.

Amongst several other campaigns we also continue to lobby for legal changes so that irresponsible directors can be held to account for the deaths of workers.

You can rest assured that, with your support, we will continue to campaign effectively for your rights and safety.

If you are not a member yet join UCATT today so you can benefit from a vast array of services.

Alan Ritchie

General Secretary, UCATT

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